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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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rough landing. everyone on board an airliner is able to walk away when the pilot is forced to land the plane on its nose. boston wakes up this morning, buried under a record amount of snow, and a new winter storm could deliver more by the end of the week. >> santa claus has come and gone, so i'm done with the snow. and a terrifying chase through los angeles. a suspected carjacker smashes cars, holds up drivers at gunpoint all while leading police on a high-speed pursuit. >> it looks like he has a weapon. he does. he's got a weapon. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 10th, 2015.
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good morning. i'm lauren lyster in for anne-marie green. this morning federal investigators will try to figure out why the nose gear failed to deploy on a us airways commuter jet. flight 1825 from philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing monday at george bush airport in houston. the plane with 57 people on board came to a stop on its nose. >> they did a couple of turns around the airport airspace, talked to the faa tower, tried to get visual confirmation that the nose gear was, in fact, inoperable. unfortunately it wasn't working properly. so the airline talked to the pilots and they made the determination to go ahead and do a landing without the benefit of the nose gear. >> passengers exited the plane using emergency slides. one person was taken to the hospital. and fumes in the cockpit forced an american airlines jet from dallas to iowa to make an emergency landing in tulsa. fire trucks and hazmat crews met the plane on the runway monday.
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all 67 people aboard made it off safely. it's not clear what caused the odor. the good news for folks in new england is that the latest blast of record-breaking snow should taper off by this evening. the bad news, another round of snow and arcticlike temperatures may be headed their way later this week. boston was hit hard again. piled up in parts of new england yesterday and into the night. snow total records set in 1978 were broken. area transit systems are shut, and schools remain closed. don champion is in boston. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. seeing huge amounts of snow like this has become the new norm in this region in recent weeks. crews have just been pushing all the snow to the side. but as you can see, now even that's becoming a problem. and while most of the snow has tapered off, boston won't be returning to normal any time
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soon. buried and frozen. winter has taken a toll on already hard-hit boston. driving around the city in new england remains challenging after another two feet of fresh snow piled up in parts of the region monday. there's mounds of snow and covered cars all over. even this man bundled up to the max had trouble getting around overnight. >> it doesn't bite. >> reporter: there's so much snow, there's no service on all boston area subways, trolleys and commuter rail trains today so crews can clear snow and ice from tracks. this woman was among those stranded monday night when service ended. >> i think we've been down here for, like, two hours. >> reporter: more than 70 inches of snow has fallen here in the past three weeks alone, the most ever recorded here in a 30-day period. now there's potential for even more snow on thursday. south of boston in rockland yesterday, residents got out to
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clear mounds of snow off homes and businesses. >> it's easier doing this preventative work rather than having other issues. >> reporter: others will be taking advantage of a break in the weather later today to do the same and avoid scenes like this one where the roof of a local company caved under the weight of ice and snow. now, the governor has declared a state of emergency. to help with the recovery. just to give you an idea of how much snow has fallen here in recent weeks, the normal seasonal snowfall for the city of boston is a little more than 43 inches. we've already nearly doubled that. and this region can see snow well into the month of april. lauren? >> don champion in boston. with snow almost as tall as you are, don, right behind you. thanks. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz is following the storm and tracking the record-breaking snow totals. >> reporter: we have seen unprecedented snowfall in the boston area. we've broken records for 5 to 40-day totals. and the greatest 40-day total
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all-time was broken in just 17 days. unbelievable blitz of snow that's moved through. take a look at some of the totals from this storm. and the biggest totals have been in boston and the cities just off toward the south. the south shore, up to two feet of snow. by the time all is said and done early on in the morning, we could see a couple of those up around 30 inches. unbelievable. we are tracking another storm that's in the pipeline. this is for late thursday and into thursday night. if it develops quick enough and far enough west, we could have another very significant snowstorm. a little farther east, it's still plowable but more manageable. and really there is no where else to get a major snowstorm. so we're hoping this one heads out to sea, but everyone needs to be aware we could have big totals. behind it we've got the cold. so very little melting here in the northeast. and this cold shot heads due south. we'll get below average temperatures to the gulf coast. highs in the 30s on friday for northern alabama and northern georgia. so cold, stormy in the east. for those asking if this pattern is going to end any time soon, unfortunately the answer is no.
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it looks like it goes all the way through at least the end of february. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. meanwhile tensions between russia and ukraine are simmering this morning. hundreds of russian troops began military exercises in crimea today. that's ahead of tomorrow's scheduled peace talks in belarus. president obama is under increasing pressure to arm the ukrainians in their war with russian-backed separatists. susan mcginnis is in washington with more. susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. german chancellor angela merkel briefed president obama on the peace talks yesterday. the president wants to wait to see how these talks turn out before he makes a decision on whether to send weapons into the ukraine government. now, chancellor merkel strongly opposes arming the ukraine's military. after meeting with the president she headed to canada, and there she said military means cannot solve the conflict. the fighting in ukraine has escalated. meanwhile, a previously negotiated truce has fallen apart.
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russian-backed separatists right now are outgunning the ukrainians. president obama says he has not yet made up his mind but that sending weapons to bolster ukrainian defenses does remain an option. >> if, in fact, diplomacy fails, what i've asked my team to do is to look at all options. what other means can we put in place to change mr. putin's calculus? and the possibility of lethal defensive weapons is one of those options that's being examined. >> reporter: now, merkel believes that sending more military aid to ukraine would do nothing but cause more blood shed. talks tomorrow will center around setting up some sort of demilitarized zone. lauren? >> susan mcginnis in washington, thanks. alabama has become the 37th state where same-sex marriage is legal after the u.s. supreme court refused to step in monday. but only a handful of counties are allowing the marriages this morning.
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chip reid shows us why. >> reporter: billy clark and kerry perez, both 26, have been waiting to get married for four years. monday they did it after an alabama judge issued their license. >> it feels really good to have people recognize what we've always known to be true. >> mm-hmm. i love you. >> i love you. >> reporter: last month a federal judge struck down alabama's ban on same-sex marriage, finding it violated the u.s. constitution. that decision took effect monday but not without judicial chaos. >> it's an aberberition of alabama law. it's a violation of alabama law. >> reporter: chief justice roy moore of the alabama supreme court ordered alabama's probate judges not to issue marriage licenses. >> i don't like to say anybody shouldn't be happy, but nobody's stopping them from living together. it's about the institution of marriage. and when that institution is
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destroyed, it's a basic building block for our society. >> reporter: in a state where most residents oppose same-sex marriage, many alabamians cited with justice moore, leaving some license bureaus empty. it's not the first time justice moore has been at the center of a battle between state and federal power. in 2003 he refused to obey a federal court order to remove a monument of the ten commandments from a courthouse. civil rights activists say the gay rights battle is only the latest example of alabama resisting federal power. they compare it to 1963 when then-governor george wallace stood in the doorway at the university of alabama in opposition tofederal orders to integrate alabama schools. moore denies there is a connection between then and now. >> this is not about race. this is not about the recognition that all people are created equal. this is about choice. >> reporter: no one here in alabama knows exactly what is going to happen next in this battle between federal and state power.
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it is a case of judicial chaos. the one thing we do know is that at this moment in most of alabama, same-sex couples cannot get a marriage license. chip reid, cbs news, montgomery. the nationwide measles outbreak continues to spread this morning. the cdc says there are now 121 cases reported in 17 states across the country. most can be traced back to disneyland in california. health officials say georgia has its first measles case in three years. the patient is an infant who flew to the u.s. from overseas. coming up on the "morning news," collision course. a suspect leads police on a dangerous chase through the streets of los angeles while carjacking several vehicles. this is the "cbs morning news." ready for your close-up? discover new visionnaire by lancôme. a 2nd generation serum with reinforced lr 2412 complex. in 4 weeks, wrinkles, pores and skin texture are visibly corrected.
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the driver sped down highways in the wrong direction and crashed several times before police got him. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: the afternoon rush turned into a scary commute for drivers east and south of downtown los angeles monday. the man suspected of stealing a toyota camry sped through residential streets in an effort to evade police. >> there we go. oh! >> reporter: he collided with several cars while speeding through intersections, sometimes driving into oncoming traffic. it was a wrong-way collision that brought the camry to a stop but not the chase. >> it looks like he has a weapon. he does. he's got a weapon. >> reporter: the suspect got out of the camry and carjacked another vehicle, sending its driver running into the streets. >> i saw him running to her car, and he did the same thing. and he was just pointing it right at her. >> he told me to get out of my car. he told me, like, twice, and he opened the door. and that's when i ran out of the car. >> reporter: he sped off and continued leading the chase.
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the pursuit continued on major highways with police following behind. >> this guy desperate, armed and definitely trying to get away. >> reporter: but the driver's luck ran out when he got wedged in heavy traffic. he fled on foot and tried to get into another car but was shot by police as he ran down the road. he was taken away by ambulance and likely faces a very long list of charges. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital where he's being treated for a gunshot wound. authorities have not released his name or his condition. straight ahead, fit for a queen. a look at the extravagant new york city home of late comedienne joan rivers. it's now on the market. this wednesday only... at kohl's presidents' day sale. find fun, new styles for the kids... like jumping beans tops and bottoms just $7.99 each. mom gets a little something fun too... with $7.99 graphic tees. and colorful spring bedding is 50 to 60% off. pick up some kohl's cash too...
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put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," a peek inside the palatial home of the late joan rivers and ketchup gets the sriracha treatment. jill wagner's at the new york stock exchange with that and more. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. expect to see more of your coworkers replaced by robots in the coming years. the new study predicts investment and industrial robots will increase 10% per year through 2025. the growth of robots will cut labor costs by 22% in the u.s.
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right now 10% of jobs that can be automated have been taken by robots. expect that to go to 23% in ten years. wall street looks to rebound today after concerns about the world economy sent stocks lower. in particular, greece's standoff with creditors. the dow fell 95 points. the s&p lost 8 points. the nasdaq finished the day 18 points lower. netflix began selling its internet video service in cuba, now that u.s. restrictions on doing business there have loosened. the company made the announcement in a tweet reading "bienveneda cuba." but expansion will be slow. only small percentage of people living or visiting cuba have high-speed internet access needed to stream movies or tv shows. credit cards used by cubans is virtually nil. well, the new york city apartment of comedienne joan rivers is on the market for $28 million. the fifth avenue penthouse takes up the top three floors of a
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19th century mansion. there are 11 rooms including a ballroom. two terraces overlook central park. rivers suffered complications following throat surgery and died last year. and a famous condiment maker is trying to get a slice of the market for a hot topping. this month heinz will start selling a new ketchup flavored with sriracha. the thai hot chili sauce. its popularity is booming and american food companies are taking note. taco bell and pizza hut also recently started selling products flavored with sriracha. and spider-man is coming back to the big screen but with a new studio. sony has agreed to co-produce the next spider-man flick with marvel studios. the comic book hero will have his own sony movie released in 2017, but first he'll appear in an unspecified marvel film. and characters from marvel's universe like iron man, captain america and thor could make appearances in standalone spider-man films.
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here's a lat here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in sports, a career milestone for san antonio spurs' coach gregg popovich. despite getting whistled and a technical foul in the third period, popovich guides the spurs to come-from-behind win over the pacers, 95-93. it's his 1,000th career victory. all have come with san antonio. only one other coach has won 1,000 games with one nba team.
4:22 am
in philadelphia, stefan curry of the golden state warriors gets to meet one of his sports idols. he gets a pregame autograph from little league world series star mo'ne davis. curry would go on to score 20 points for the warriors in an 89-84 win over the sixers. and in college basketball, number four duke barely gets by florida state. the blue devils win for a third time in six days, 73-70. finally when ed sabol won the rights to film the 1962 nfl championship, he changed the way we watch sports. that was the beginning of nfl films, the company he founded with his son, steve. together, they developed innovative techniques like using slow motion and miking players. in 2011, he was enshrined in the pro football hall of fame. sabol died monday. he was 98 years old. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," former adviser to president obama, david axelrod. i'm lauren lyster. this is the "cbs morning news."
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many fighters for the islamic terrorist group isis are being recruited from western countries. clarissa ward has a rare interview with a man who joined isis and then broke free. he insisted his face be hidden and his voice altered for this report. >> when any they come, they have a lot of enthusiasm about what they've seen online, what they've seen on youtube. they see it as something a lot grander than what the reality is. it's not all military praise or victories. >> reporter: abu ibrahim is one of thousands of westerners who have traveled to syria to fight jihad. a convert to islam, he wanted the chance to live under strict islamic sharia law. so he joined the most extreme group there, isis.
4:26 am
during his six months with the militants, he saw crucifixions. in december, he witnessed the stoning to death of a couple convicted of adultery. >> they do it publicly. there are hundreds of people there. it's not something anyone would want to see. but having the actual sharia established is what many muslims look forward to. >> reporter: it doesn't strike you as medieval? >> no. >> reporter: brutal? >> it's harsh. it's real. but it's sharia. >> reporter: life for western jihadists under isis rule is almost completely subsidized. >> they provide housing, food. >> reporter: salary? >> an allowance. >> reporter: how much? >> initially it was approximately $50 a month. during winter it went up to $100 so people could purchase warm clothing or items for the house. >> reporter: so you're completely taken care of. >> yes. the main necessities were given. >> reporter: but there is one condition.
4:27 am
once you join isis, it is virtually impossible to leave. >> the restrictions of leaving are difficult. it felt a bit like a prison in that respect. >> reporter: honestly, what would happen if you were caught by isis trying to leave the islamic state? >> if i was caught, i would probably be imprisoned and questioned. >> reporter: why is that? are they paranoid about spying or -- >> yes. >> reporter: -- they just don't want people to leave? >> they're worried about infiltration. >> reporter: those found guilty of spying are executed. despite the risk, abu ibrahim began to look for a way out. he was increasingly disillusioned by the executions of western aid workers and journalists. he missed his family and felt bored. jihad wasn't what he thought it would be. >> i think i'll miss it friends of mine and the brotherhood, but isis itself, no. >> abu ibrahim is not the only western fighter in syria who has wanted to leave. we know of a group of approximately 30 british men who
4:28 am
have said that they want to return to the uk, but they're worried that they could be arrested upon their return. clarissa ward, cbs news, new york. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama, joins us in the studio, and we'll talk with oscar-nominated actor steve carell. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. i'm lauren lyster. have a great day.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. [ laughter ] we are starting off with a look at the golden gate bridge
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right now. >> is that fog or a purple haze? >> maybe it's just the camera. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, february 10. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30. we'll get you started on a brand-new day. liz has traffic and roberta is here to tell us all about sunshine. >> i think there is a little haze, could be fog later right now reporting stations with patchy fog throughout the northern portion of the bay area eastern portion as well primarily into some of the valleys. right now clear skies towards levi's stadium our current air temperature much cooler than what it has been. 40s and 50s. you will feel the difference out the door. later today we're talking about 60s across the board and i actually put an 80-degree on our seven-day forecast. we'll pinpoint that day coming up. >> no major accidents or incidents but overnight roadwork over the bay bridge and


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